Wednesday 15 August 2012

The Human Bible — with Robert M. Price

I absolutely love this podcast:

Robert M. Price is a one-off. I first heard him a few years ago interviewed on another podcast about his Bible Geek persona, and have since come across him in various places — notably as one of the hosts of the Point of Inquiry podcast after previous host D. J. Grothe left to preside over the JREF. In April this year Bob Price appeared on Premier Radio's Unbelievable? opposite David Instone-Brewer, who seemed bamboozled by the Bible Geek's vast and confident knowledge.

Some biblical scholars wear their knowledge like a crown, or at least like an expensive suit of clothes requiring careful laundering and only suitable for the poshest occasions. Bob Price wears his erudition like a pair of frayed and faded jeans. He appears to have an instantaneous random access memory of all things biblical, and will throw his nuggets out into the world with nary a care, and often a wry comment. He's not a believer, but maybe this gives his take on scripture an objectivity perhaps lacking in those who so desperately want scripture to be true.

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