Sunday 5 August 2012

"Compatibilist" free will — God-given?

This blog has been quiet of late, which I regret, but while I've neglected Evil Burnee I have been posting stuff on Facebook. So I've decided to repost anything remotely substantial here (edited as I consider necessary), while brief items will be included in Burnee Links (Facebook friends and subscribers may wish to tweak their settings if they feel they're getting too much of me).

Some really blinkered stuff has come out of Choosing Hats recently. Here's "RazorsKiss" simultaneously exhibiting the usual snark at "village atheists" while playing the mystery card with respect to "God's will". All while berating another believer who just happens not to be a member of the preferred sect. Also, note the "impossible state of God not existing" — a revealing assertion that tells us in no uncertain terms (as if we didn't already know) where this blogger is coming from. How about this:
"For all their talk of reason, and logic, note that it all arises from and because of random chance – which is definitionally irrational. If God doesn’t control all things in this pastor’s worldview, what does? He ceded the field, and has practically denied Isaiah 46, which says God has declared the end from the beginning."
So much for free will, as God has everything predetermined, and the death of those poor kids was their destiny. Pretty sick, in my opinion.

(Reposted from Facebook.)