Friday 17 August 2012

As foretold: Genesis Expo to resurrect

Well, this is a surprise (and not, generally, a pleasant one). It seems that Genesis Expo — Portsmouth's very own creation museum, and incidentally the headquarters of the Creation Science Movement — has not died a permanent death after all. I was aware of the planning permission for increasing exhibition space using a mezzanine floor, and additional office space by building a rear extension, but it's over two years since the Expo closed for improvements. As the website continued to say the Expo was closed I assumed they'd run out of money. I heard a rumour that they'd found the whole place needed rewiring, but such unforeseen contingency seemed unlikely to have scuppered the entire project.

Nevertheless it was comforting to know it was out of action, and that opportunist schoolkids were no longer being lured in and fed unsubstantiated nonsense. Alas, it seems the hiatus was merely an all too brief respite. According to the latest bulletin from CSM, Genesis Expo will be re-opening in its refurbished and dual-floored glory. Within the invitation to celebrate CSM's 80th anniversary at a Day Conference on 3rd November comes this throwaway line:
There will be an opportunity to view the newly refurbished Expo and exhibits as well.
Personally I'll not be spending £10 on three creationist lectures and coffee (and I wouldn't do so even if I didn't have to bring my own sandwiches). I'll wait until Genesis Expo is properly open, and see how it actually turns out. (And of course I'll post an update to my original review.)

It appears that only advance booking is available for the "Day Conference" — no tickets on the door.