Friday 24 August 2012

Burnee links for Friday

Did I accidentally approach a cult? | The Heresy Club
Hayley Stevens is alarmed to find once again a group claiming God can heal you of serious (indeed terminal) diseases. What's worse, this group exhibits disturbing cultish characteristics. And it's not as if she goes out in search of them either.

New Statesman - Atheism+: the new New Atheists
Nelson Jones sums up the Plus.

Science off the Sphere: Yo-Yos in Space - YouTube
OK, the presentation might not be the slickest, but hell, he's on the ISS!

Sunday shopping hours | HumanistLife
Three links to alarmism that the Government is considering making the relaxation of Sunday trading restrictions permanent. Contrary to what these pieces say, such consideration is not a breach of trust, any more than it would be if done at any other time. (George Pitcher's hyperbolic prediction of the collapse of civilisation is daft, but typical.)

Why I won't take part in debate with fundamentalists (Also in Polish) — Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Seems like they're still scared of him.

Assisted dying round up | HumanistLife
Compiled before Tony Nicklinson's death was announced. After the announcement Andrew Copson appeared on BBC News: