Monday 27 August 2012

Burnee links for Monday

How not to build inclusive communities | The Atheist Experience
The voice of Experience.

How an extraordinary day spent with Tony Nicklinson changed my views on right-to-die - Telegraph
So often those against assisted dying pay lip-service to concern and compassion without exhibiting either. Maybe it takes agonising encounters like this one to bring home the reality.

John Finnemore - 50 Things You Must Do Before You're 30 - YouTube
Some excellent advice, on the back of what must be described as a "pet peeve".

No Precedent? Then Set One! — Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
The assisted-dying debate is no place for the argument from tradition.

Why I Secretly Root For the Atheists in Debates… | Catholic Exchange
Because nobody can beat such a brilliant debater as William Lane Craig. Yeah, yeah, we've heard this before. Craig may be good at point-scoring in formal debates (the precise formality of which he often determines in advance), but none of that leads to advancement in understanding. He admits that logical argument isn't what convinced him, nor is it likely to convince others, so his motives are questionable. His arguments (all five of them) have been demolished time and again by those who've had time to examine them properly. And his version of Divine Command Theory will leave a very nasty taste in the mouth of all right-thinking individuals.