Monday 17 January 2011

Paula Kirby at TAM London 2010

DSC_1828w_PaulaKirbyPaula Kirby's articles at the Washington Post "On Faith" Panel have all been worth reading; she's clear and concise and doesn't pussyfoot around. Paula is a regular contributor and commenter at, but for many she came to prominence through her comprehensive review (posted at of four of what had become known as Dawkins' Fleas — the several books published in direct response to The God Delusion.

DSC_1826w_PaulaKirbyFor her appearance at TAM London Paula gave a talk I'd heard previously online. It was the talk she delivered at the Atheist Alliance International Convention held last summer in Copenhagen:

DSC_1829w_PaulaKirbyDSC_1830w_PaulaKirbyPart 1/5:

Part 2/5:
Part 3/5:
Part 4/5:
Part 5/5:

DSC_1825w_PaulaKirbyPaula quoted at length from the political manifesto of the UK's Christian Party, exposing its assumptions and agenda. Now while it's not likely that such a party will gain significant power in the foreseeable future, it's only by our constant vigilance that its insidious influence (and that of similar religious lobby groups) will be kept at bay. Great Britain is not — yet — officially a secular society, but Paula Kirby's talk shows why it clearly ought to be.