Sunday 30 January 2011

Burnee links for Sunday (via Dawkins and Myers)

Substance over sweetness — another New Atheist critique gone askew : Pharyngula
PZ wants to ask the only question that really matters.

Stephen Asma responds : Pharyngula
But Asma doesn't think PZ's question is relevant.

The best is lost : Pharyngula
And in response to PZ's insistence on truth, a Pharyngula reader sends a godless poem.

Should employers be blind to private beliefs? - Boing Boing
Richard Dawkins says beliefs do matter.

Science Under Attack - Horizon - BBC -
Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winner and new head of the Royal Society, urges scientists to engage in the public space.

Further reflections on discrimination - Richard Dawkins - Boing Boing and -
Richard Dawkins follows up his recent Boing Boing post.