Sunday 23 January 2011

Burnee links for Sunday

Book review: Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape
Russell Blackford reviews Sam Harris's new book.

Blackford reviews The Moral Landscape « Why Evolution Is True
Jerry Coyne's take on Russel Blackford's review, with a follow-up here:
Harris responds to Blackford « Why Evolution Is True

Tell me now how do I feel – Bad Science
Ben Goldacre is blue about Blue Monday. Again.

Richard Dawkins gives his answer to the question: "WHAT SCIENTIFIC CONCEPT WOULD IMPROVE EVERYBODY'S COGNITIVE TOOLKIT?" (Read the others too.)

The Q.E.D conference «
The Ghost Investigations Today panel is one I hope to attend at QED. (The "Breakout Room" will be showing The God Who Wasn't There, but I could watch that another time on DVD.)

Ms Information - Communicating the Message in the Skeptiverse « She Thought
Some fascinating insight from Geologic HQ.
(Via George Hrab.)

Metamagician and the Hellfire Club: Unpalatable truths
Russell Blackford (him again!) is a glutton for punishment.

The British Humanist Association
Relative to recent discussions about secular morality, it's useful to remind ourselves of one particular organisation's objectives.

Open warfare round the dinner table: the mediasphere responds to Baroness Warsi | HumanistLife
Roundup of press reactions to Warsi's recent speech.