Thursday 6 January 2011

Burnee links for Thursday

Top Conversation Killers for Atheists: How Religious Theists Can Hurt Their Cause
Good, basic advice — but are the right people going to read it?

An Insulting Message of Peace
Happy New Year from Pope Benny, who lives in a place not unlike Disneyland — a fantasy constructed around a totally unrealistic view of the rest of the world.

“Integrating” Science and Religion « Choice in Dying
Eric MacDonald on the error of Adam and Eve.

The day the devil went to seminary and other bizarre things
Need confirmation of the essential vacuity of theology? Check this out (and the comments).

Accommodationism at Berkeley/NCSE website « Why Evolution Is True
Are science and religion compatible? There are some scientists who are religious, and there are religious believers who do good science. But that doesn't alter the fact that religion makes claims that science has repeatedly shown can't possibly be true. Or the fact that science has shown that the universe works in ways that are in direct contradiction to religious dogma.

Daylight Atheism > Abortion Care at Catholic Hospitals
More unbending Catholic dogma coming to light. Why any woman of child-bearing age would want to remain in this religion is a complete mystery.

House Republicans Appoint Climate Change Deniers to Committee Chairs | Center for Inquiry
Welcome, America, to your new unscientific overlords.

Religion and the Madness of Crowds | Center for Inquiry
"Religion is essentially a form of deception," says John Shook.

Can one do philosophy of religion? | Evolving Thoughts
John Wilkins wonders if all the old religious arguments should be indexed to save time, then they could be refuted by number.

Young Freethought: Hitchens vs Blair Analysed
A useful commentary on the recent Blair-Hitch Project in Toronto, along with a mostly complete video of the event: