Sunday 9 January 2011

Burnee links for Sunday

Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: Hello, I'm an Atheist: Awe
...and I'm an RC. (Actually I'm not, but you knew that.)

Why Are Believers So Hostile Toward Atheists? | Belief | AlterNet
Greta Christina ponders hostility.

A successful campaign against a new ‘faith’ school | HumanistLife
Whether or not the South West London Humanists' campaign was instrumental in the decision (and it may not have been), this is a fine example of consciousness-raising and engagement.

The time machine | The Rather Friendly Skeptic
There are stories of true believers becoming skeptics through exposure to "the skeptical movement" but this is clearly a case of someone finding their own way out of the woo. (Shame Hayley won't be bringing the time machine to QED though...)

Nox’s Wall of Text, Part 1. | Unreasonable Faith
Custador quotes at length from the Unreasonable Faith forum on the subject of the truth of the Bible (with more to come).

Taxonomy of the Logical Fallacies
(Via Philosophy Bites Daily)