Thursday 15 January 2009

Ariane Sherine delivers her Thought for the Afternoon on BBC Radio 4

After the successful launch of the Atheist Bus Campaign, and another campaign last week for Radio Four's Thought For The Day to be opened up to non-religious speakers, the BBC has (a) caved in to pressure, or more likely (b) offered a sop to shut the godless heathens up, by allowing Ariane Sherine to present a "Thought for the Afternoon" on the BBC's iPM programme, hosted by Eddie Mair.

Ariane did a good job, with a well thought out thought, nicely presented. But I'll be extremely surprised if "Thought for the Afternoon" becomes a regular spot (and I'll be flabbergasted if Thought For The Day on the Today programme is opened up to secular viewpoints).

iPM website:

Audio available as an mp3 in the iPM podcast feed or as a direct download:

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