Dembski & Licona's Evidence for God

This is an ongoing project to read and critique a recommended book, Evidence for God, edited by William Dembski and Michael Licona. What follows on this page is merely a list of posts dealing with each chapter, beginning with my introduction to the project.

Evidence for God: 50 Arguments and a challenge

God, contingency and special pleading — the cosmological argument

Moral argument fails to impress

Near-death experiences are evidence of ... being near death

Naturalism vs nihilism, brimstone and fire

Is the suffering of Christians evidence for anything?

Mysterious arguments for a tortured God

A case of explanatory impotence

The Bible is not a science textbook

Apologists' own-goal in Dembski & Licona's Evidence for God

Eating the abiogenesis cake

A universe so fine-tuned, natural abiogenesis is impossible?

ID will be accepted as valid science when it comes up with peer-reviewed scientific research

Phillip E. Johnson — father of ID — lax, unpersuasive and simply wrong

A telling telic misapprehension in Dembski & Licona's Evidence for God

Absolutely wrong — more anti-naturalism in Dembski & Licona

Evidence against evolution isn't Evidence for God

Oh look, numbers! (Therefore God?)

Eugenics, boo! (Therefore God?)

Gonzalez & Richards back-to-front in Dembski & Licona's Evidence for God

Dembski claims to identify design — we're still waiting

Why does the intelligent designer do such a bad job?

It's soooo complicated, it must have been...

Is the intelligent designer a prankster?

Dualism misfiled as science — just like intelligent design

It's designed if it looks designed?

How to argue for intelligent design without doing any science

Existence of followers isn't proof of that which is followed

Incredible miracles require credible evidence

Irrelevant exegesis

Does it matter how Jesus prayed?

Biblical authority in doubt?

Expecting the obvious is not "prediction"

Circular logic is circular in Evidence for God

Absence of corpse isn't evidence of resurrection

Resurrection of the gaps

Circular hallucinations are circular

Theological mendacity, or biblical spin?

The entire Christian faith is a gigantic lie

Respect other beliefs (but damn those believers to Hell)

The Road to Hell

Did L. Ron Hubbard take lessons from St. Paul?

Christianity's seminal documents still missing

Doubtful text is no standard for doctrinal accuracy

Textual transubstantiation

As far as the Bible is confirmed as true, it is mundane

An unreliable assessment of the reliability of the Gospels

An arbitrary collection of texts becomes "canonical"

New Testament canon — a boat that must not be rocked

Biblical fan-fiction — not to be taken as gospel

Judas: the ultimate betrayal of Dembski and Licona