Saturday 15 August 2015

Skepticule 100 — now with updated shownotes

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Skepticule 100: An English Cabbie; America's Equal Marriage; Anon Steve wants to be Proud; Magnets — how do they cure?; William Lane Craig's Real God; William Lane Craig's Free Will.



God's revenge for Equal Marriage
Megachurch in Georgia — Eddie Long
Turkey's Gay Pride rainbow

Anon Steve's pride
Peter Boghossian's tweet
Tom Robinson
Alan Turing
Yorkshire boundary changes

Radio Times
Premier Offers Direct
Posture support
Knee support brace
Magnetic knee sleeve
Wikipedia on Magnet Therapy
Michael Shermer
Wikipedia's magnetic force example table
Skeptic's Dictionary on Anton Mesmer
Neodymion balls

William Lane Craig's Reasonable Faith podcast
The Concept of God in Islam and Christianity
Hosea 9:15
Deuteronomy 20-23
Deuteronomy 26-30
Deuteronomy 32:19
Psalms 5:5
Proverbs 6:16
Malachi 1:3

Johno on William Lane Craig's free will
Soul/consciousness/brain-state video
Occam's Razor
Reasonable Faith blogpost on faster-than-light neutrinos

Editing & shownotes: Paul S. Jenkins

Paul Thompson ("Sinbad")
The Skeptical Probe

Paul Orton, militant agnostic

Paul S. Jenkins
Notes from an Evil Burnee

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