Thursday 3 September 2015

We know what we believe — now let's find some evidence to support it

In an email today:
“No matter the political or educational background, we can all agree that individuals from all walks of life have contributed to the success of America, and of democracy as a whole, through their hard work and dedication.

“There is another group of people who are largely unnoticed as they labor day in and day out for the cause of truth.
Who are these paragons?
“Of course I am talking about the scientists, scholars, and administrative staff who work to present the truth of intelligent design.”
Oh, them.
“They are paving the way for an era of scientific endeavor guided by the overarching principle that life on earth and all aspects of the Universe are the result of intelligent design, and not the product of blind purposeless processes.”
I see, a scientific endeavour that is deliberately steered in a particular direction. So much for going where the evidence leads.

(Yes, the Discovery Institute is yet again asking me for money.)