Sunday 9 August 2015

Jim Al-Khalili on nuclear power

Pompey Skeptics' Honorary President Jim Al-Khalili is our next speaker — at the Rose in June PH on Thursday 10 September. Details and tickets (£3.50) from here:

Can't wait that long for your Jim-fix? Tomorrow on BBC4 he's presenting a documentary about Sellafield nuclear power station:
Lying on the remote northwest coast of England is one of the most secret places in the country - Sellafield, the most controversial nuclear facility in Britain. Now, for the first time, Sellafield are letting nuclear physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili and the television cameras in, to discover the real story. Inside, Jim encounters some of the most dangerous substances on Earth, reveals the nature of radiation and even attempts to split the atom. He sees inside a nuclear reactor, glimpses one of the rarest elements in the world - radioactive plutonium - and even subjects living tissue to deadly radiation. Ultimately, the film reveals Britain's attempts - past, present and future - to harness the almost limitless power of the atom.
...and there's a bit in the Radio Times about it (click image to bignify):