Wednesday 13 November 2013

Jehovah's Circular Witnesses

I tweeted this image of a leaflet I found on the mat this evening:

It poses a straightforward question, and I have no difficulty in coming up with an answer. The rest of the leaflet apparently seeks to persuade me I'm wrong, so let's see what its core argument is. The outside of the whole leaflet looks like this (click to bignify):

The inside of the leaflet is where the question is given thorough investigation, and a cogent argument presented (click to bignify, and excuse my sarcasm):

The answer to the question, "Can the dead really live again?" is yes, because it says so in the Bible. Naturally this leads to the next question, "Can we really believe what the Bible says?" And surprise, surprise, the answer to that is also yes, because (see the three reasons on the right hand side above) it says so in the Bible.

Just who is this leaflet aimed at?

For all those who have left their brains outside for the evening there's a PDF of this leaflet on the JW website: