Friday 22 November 2013

Burnee links for Friday

Get up to date with this bumper crop of links...

Don't Believe Your Eyes | Shre Design
Amazing landscapes, all fake creatively imagined.

BBC News - Neil Gaiman: 'No such thing as a bad book for children'
If we want a future of rich culture, we mustn't risk putting kids off reading.

WDDTY – Tesco choose profit over people | Western Sloth
Tut tut, Tesco.

A tribute to Prince Charles, champion of anti-science, on his 65th birthday | Edzard Ernst
Not so much a tribute, more a timeline of unjustified influence.

The Throwable, Panoramic Ball Cam Is Finally Here—and It's Incredible
An astounding merge of existing technologies, making something truly amazing for $500. Too cool for words.

Incredible Interactive Dynamic Shape Display
Amazing potential ... I think!

Confronting the World’s Great Unrecognized Crisis | Psychology Today
More than an interesting evening with friends at the pub.

Atheists Must Not Self-Censor - Council for Secular Humanism
Eddie Tabash's call to arms.

National Secular Society - Secularism seeks to balance everyone’s religious freedoms fairly. Why would anyone oppose that?
An explanation of secularism. In case it's needed. (It is.)

The Rants of Cherry Black » Blog Archive » “Superstition Ain’t The Way”
Trish reports first hand on woo in professional medicine.
Atheist Agenda Wants You to Turn Your Back on Christ
Articles like this are (...I hesitate to say "a godsend"...) welcome, because they highlight not only the object of their concern — in this case Boghossian's book — but also the fact that some cages have been badly rattled. That the article also contains obvious misconceptions and non sequiturs is a bonus.

Policy: Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims : Nature News & Comment
Useful list for non-scientists who don't want to be misled.

School children as young as 8 told they would be labelled 'racist' for missing school trip - Telegraph
I know quite a few headteachers. I don't think any of them would have done something this crass and threatening. But I suspect there's more to this than immediately apparent.