Wednesday 9 October 2013

Burnee links for Wednesday

National Secular Society - BBC Trust rejects Thought for the Day bias complaint
I missed this TftD when it aired, but the BBC demonstrates its persistent active blindness on this issue.

NeuroLogica Blog » The Second Law of Thermodynamics – Again
Next time creationists make this argument, send them to Steve Novella's article.

▶ Introducing WildCat - YouTube

This robot looks like something out of Star Wars (but probably noisier). I want one of these, but smaller and battery-powered electric rather than petrol, in a kit-version — with a Raspberry Pi at its core.

First they came for the T shirt manufacturers… | Robinince's Blog
Banning Jesus and Mo tee-shirts is ridiculous. There's no right not to be offended, and in this case the offence might even be imagined.

Damian McBride's war on evidence-based policy
James O'Malley is concerned about evidence. And some bloke.

Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'
This is probably nonsense.