Thursday 18 August 2011

How extreme are the Phelps'? — Skepticule Extra

The latest Skepticule Extra is now available. It was recorded last Friday and is an interview with representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church, of "God Hates Fags" fame. The interview was organised and conducted by Skepticule co-host Paul Baird, though Paul (Sinbad) Thompson and myself were also in attendance. I hardly said anything, and what I did say could easily have derailed the conversation, but Paul B knew what questions he wanted to ask and he asked them.

The resulting exchange was enlightening. The Phelps' are often painted as extremists, and watching what they do certainly gives this impression. But as was revealed in this conversation there isn't a single tenet of their faith, however extreme, that isn't fervently held by some other Christian sect somewhere around the world. The Phelps' just seem to hold to all of them.

The actual interview is about 38 minutes long, followed by a few minutes of the three Pauls discussing what they've just heard. Listen here: