Sunday 28 August 2011

Burnee links for another Sunday

Still busy, still less blogging, still hopeful for more. Some links 4 U:

GCU Dancer on the Midway - Bad arguments about religion: faith and evidence
Paul Wright with various insights (including David Hume's) into how much "faith" is OK.

Muslim Woman Assaults Photographer, Toronto Police Say It's OK
I really hope this is a rare occurrence.

The Flow of Time | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
I have always thought that our concept of "time" is flawed, or at least overly simplistic. That's why I have problems suspending disbelief when reading time-travel stories.

A very sad story | Pharyngula
PZ inveighs against religious puritanism. Now there's a surprise.

The strength of Dawkins, and the murk of accommodationism | Pharyngula
It's true. Why hide it? PZ (again) stands beside Richard Dawkins to denounce ignorant folly at the top of the Republican Party.

Evolution threatens Christianity - On Faith - The Washington Post
Paula Kirby on why evolution is so damaging to the beliefs of the religious right. Clear and concise prose that ought to be read by all school governors.