Sunday 27 March 2011

Burnee links for Sunday

The Atheist Experience™: Ray Comfort - on the show this Sunday
I can't quite believe this is actually going to happen.

The Meming of Life » There is no normal » Parenting Beyond Belief on secular parenting and other natural wonders
More catching up with Dale McGowan — on familiar awesomeness.

Skeptics with a K – Special #008 « The Merseyside Skeptics Society
A ten-minute spot on Radio Merseyside — well worth a listen. And well worth a read is Marsh's relevant blogpost of 10th March:
NHS Wirral and The North West Friends Of Homeopathy: A Typical Wednesday Evening Out

New Statesman - Against the evidence
Richard Wilson explains the difference between doubt and dogmatism.

Atheist attempts to educate Rabbi Adam Jacobs on morality - Philadelphia atheism |
This article could have dealt more with the concept of absolutism. Which is the main theistic argument (even though it's false).

Science: How To Fake It
This how all those ridiculous "science" stories get into the popular press.

Bad Reason: Talking Bollocks about Cox
Don't diss Brian.
(Via @kashfarooq)

Godless in Tumourville: Christopher Hitchens interview - Telegraph
Excellent in-depth update on the Hitch.