Sunday 20 March 2011

Burnee links for Sunday

Unanswered questions on Japan's suffering | Giles Fraser | Comment is free | The Guardian
Yet again Giles Fraser gets his theological knickers in a twist over natural disaster.

A case of never letting the source spoil a good story | Ben Goldacre | Comment is free | The Guardian
Ben Goldacre won't trust you if you don't link to primary sources.

Opinion: Twitter is more than just a fad, so don’t miss the boat | Opinion | The Lawyer
David Allen Green with a lawyers' guide to Twitter.

BBC News - Cory Doctorow: DRM is no friend of business
"Computers are not going to get worse at copying." Cory Doctorow delivers three soundbites for the benefit of new business start-ups.

Pi Day: Help yourself to a slice of infinite, transcendental pi | Matt Parker | Science |
The universe is stranger than we can imagine — not just on the grander scale of things but right in front of us when we look at something as ostensibly simple as a circle.

Ideas for modern living: you | Life and style | The Observer
Julian Baggini briefly introduces his new book. What I want to know is, does he deal with consciousness and free will?

Beck: "I'm Not Not Saying" God Is Causing Earthquakes | Media Matters for America
Does anyone (I mean anyone) take Glenn Beck seriously? Seriously?

Are Christians so thin-skinned? | Caspar Melville | Comment is free | The Guardian
While I think that the "banning" of the BHA Census Campaign ads has been a — dare I say it — godsend to the campaign's publicity, I was unaware of something revealed in one of the comments:

The evidence for god: an exchange with Anthony Grayling « Why Evolution Is True
This is the Grayling/Coyne email exchange previously linked from Butterflies and Wheels. Me? I'm with Grayling (I think).