Thursday 3 March 2011

Burnee links (and plenty of them) for Thursday

Musings of a Lapsed Pagan: Another attempt to make the Soil Association see sense.
Tim McGregor tries again. His point is the same as Matt Parker's — that organic farming is tainted by homeopathy. (Although can something that contains no active ingredients be truly said to "taint" anything?)
(Via Crispian Jago.)

The internet is haunted | The Rather Friendly Skeptic
Hayley Stevens considers her "blegacy".

Darwin, Morality and Human Behaviour « RSA Comment
Although this was a response (some weeks ago) to another article it's an interesting contrasting of secular and religious moralities:
"Torture has a thematic hold on Christian practice, from the centrality of the crucifixion to the martyrdom of the saints, and of course, we have hell and punishment. There is much engagement in the spectacle of pain and sadism in the current and afterlife. Arguably this elaboration of excruciating pain goes beyond the need for social control for the good of the group. Might it not rather be an accommodation of the sinister side of the human psyche?"
Churnalism or news? How PRs have taken over the media | Media | The Guardian
Title says it all, though the details can't help but make one wonder about "professional" journalism.

The 21st Floor » Blog Archive » The Rules Have Changed
The ASA have changed their rules, and the Nightingale Collaboration wants skeptics to take advantage of this.

New Humanist (Rationalist Association) - discussing humanism, rationalism, atheism and free thought
NH goes a bit deeper into the Eunice and Owen Johns case, and discovers it's not really a "case" at all.

So you think you knew Templeton? A new report. « Why Evolution Is True
Jerry Coyne (amongst others) has serious reservations about Templeton's agenda. This new report should be interesting.

LRB · Jim Holt · Smarter, Happier, More Productive
The internet is re-wiring our brains! Or not.

Pick ‘n’ Mix Bible « Carmen Gets Around (II)
Carmen d'Cruz ponders religious hypocrisy.

Despite claims to the contrary, CFAs did not help free speech in BCA v Singh - slsingh's posterous
Simon Singh corrects a misapprehension.

Outraged Child Killers to Protest Against Bill Gates For Calling Them "Child Killers" | Slog
Anti-vaxxers in denial.
(Via @Crispian_Jago.)

You don’t need God to be good : The Freethinker
Naturally this campaign will be seen by some as hugely offensive.

Johann Hari: Thatcherite chicken soup for the soul - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
I'd like to know what Richard Wiseman thinks of Paul McKenna.

Abstruse Goose » The Age of Discovery
If science knew everything, it would stop.

Fred Phelps is a Con Man
So the Phelps' are not religious fanatics after all?
(Via @Nobilis)