Thursday 7 January 2010

Burnee links for (a snowed-in) Thursday

What we need to melt the snow!Atheism is doooooomed! : Pharyngula
As for McGrath…sorry, vacuous, mealy-mouthed, and boring are not sufficient qualities to make one an authority.
I'm with PZ on this one — but that should not be a surprise!

Rabbit is the question « Exquisite With Love —
Interesting satirical take on the unknowable deity, particularly the comments to the post itself and on

Atheist Ireland Publishes 25 Blasphemous Quotes |
From 2010JAN01 blasphemy is illegal in Ireland. Congratulations, Ireland, for your giant leap backwards. (Via Pharyngula and

Skeptic » Reading Room » Seeking a New Fulcrum
David Brin's article could be a companion piece to Jason Colavito's. Brin's take on psi, in particular telepathy, is similar to my own; he's used it in his stories, as I have in mine.

The Atheist Experience: Why we need blasphemy
...and why rational people need to stand together on this issue.

TPM: The Philosophers’ Magazine | Voicing our disbelief
I agree with Russell Blackford (and I definitely recommend his book).

Reiki Distance Healing Goes to Court : Reiki Healing Information
Witchcraft? Magic spells? Alive and well — but effective?
(Via Jack of Kent)

Should the bishops be evicted from the House of Lords? — Freethinker
On Wednesday 27 January there's to be an open debate in the Houses of Parliament (Committee Room 10). I've booked my (free) ticket; it should be ... interesting.