Saturday 23 January 2010

Burnee links for Saturday

Don't get too close!Creation Science Movement — Genesis Expo Closes - for Expansion !
In that case I'll be making another visit. Last February (my previous visit) the exhibition space looked to be on its last legs, and my impression was if that was the best they could do then perhaps we didn't have much to worry about. I was not aware that even then the expansion plans were under way — which is depressing. But we'll see what they come up with. (I could check out the planning permission, as that will be a matter of public record.)

Raymond Tallis: Why I changed my mind on assisted dying | HumanistLife
It is significant that it's humanists who are lobbying for compassion in the matter of assisted dying, while those who cling to religious dogma are the ones in support of prolonging suffering.

Karen Armstrong versus Sam Harris: Playing the Socrates card
"Fluency in theology--the exhaustive study of that which is wholly imaginary--is not required to deny the veracity of invented supernatural claims."
Says it all really.

In defence of Mr Justice Eady « Two Cultures
Fascinating analysis of why the press are standing behind Simon Singh
(Via Jack of Kent

Creation Science Movement: "Darwinism, Social Engineering and Lark Rise to Candleford"
Is creationist Stephen Hayes paranoid — or is the BBC really intent on vilifying creationists? If creationists are being targeted by the BBC Drama Department, maybe it's a sign that the media are at last waking up to the educational threat posed by creationist nonsense.

Times Online - Eureka Zone - WBLG: Homeopathy by the (mind-boggling) numbers
On Boots' selection of homeopathic remedies:
"They are an insult to the herbal remedies on the shelf next to them at Boots; at least snake-oil has the decency to contain some snake."
On Faith Panelists Blog: Suffering and the vain quest for significance - Paula Kirby
What can I say? Paula unerringly hits it spot on, yet again. (I need a script to place Paula Kirby's "Washington Post On Faith" posts automatically into Burnee Links....)

The Truth Still Matters | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
I agree with Sean Carroll that science and religion are not compatible. Anyone who claims otherwise has not, in my opinion, thought seriously enough about the issue (Kenneth R. Miller and other science/religion compatibilists notwithstanding).

February 2010: A. A. Gill on Kentucky's Creation Museum |
A. A. Gill paid a visit to Ken Ham's Genesis theme park. He didn't like it.