Saturday 21 March 2009

Burnee links for Saturday

NSS hits out at plan to introduce creationism into Hampshire schools - The Freethinker

National Secular Society - Creationism to be taught in science lessons in Hampshire

Petition to: ensure that the UK Government uses all of its powers to reject and, if possible, veto any attempt at the United Nations to limit free speech

Science: And now for something completely different ... | Science |

The ‘Child Psychic’ - Dr Krissy Wilson Speaks Out On Today Tonight

It’s called “Evolution”? Urgh! : nullifidian

Scientology to get religious law protection in the UK

Darwin, the BBC and Liberal Fascism - Andrew Sibley - Creation Science Movement

TAM London: the clock is ticking! | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

Paper or Plastic? - JREF

National Secular Society - NSS raises alarm over new Islamist threat to free speech

Creationism 'should be taught in science lessons' - Telegraph

Who will rid us of this Islamic imbecile?- The Freethinker

New Humanist Blog: AC Grayling politely rebukes an attempt to reconcile religion and science

Excerpt, "The Unlikely Disciple," by Kevin Roose | Salon Life

Daylight Atheism > A World in Shadow VI

AC Grayling: Moves by the Islamic conference will destroy free speech | Comment is free |