Sunday 29 March 2009

BBC investigates life-threatening teachings of nutritionist

The woo just goes on and on...

This is a clip from last Wednesday's Inside Out England TV programme* on BBC1; the segment is about Barbara Wren, who teaches courses on nutrition at her College of Natural Nutrition (the domain name for which is abbreviated with total lack of irony to ""). The BBC's investigation indicates that her teachings are not only unscientific but also life-threatening.

The clip is also available on the programme's web page, and the whole 30-minute programme is available for a limited time on the BBC iPlayer.

(*It turns out that this programme was a repeat, and was blogged by Professor David Colquhoun at DC’s Improbable Science.)

When I started writing this blog-post I considered making a point about how this kind of non-science might be about to fade away under the persistent scrutiny of investigations like this BBC TV programme. But after spending only a few minutes on Google I found that the amount of seriously misguided belief in such nonsense - as well as this nonsense in particular - remains large and widespread. It needs attention.