Sunday 14 September 2008

Burnee links for Sunday

American Chronicle | Imagine There's No Heaven - David Swanson

The Skeptic magazine news page » Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People

Origin of the specious | New Humanist
A. C. Grayling puts the boot in

BBC2 to air documentary marking 20th anniversary of the The Satanic Verses | Media |

Pharyngula: Peeeedaaaaaants!

Skepchick: Spiritualism, Carl Sagan, Fact and Fiction…

The Freethinker › Teachers ‘must respect’ the creationist views of their pupils
Direct link to Michael Reiss's paper:
the-BA: Should creationism be a part of the science curriculum?

Neatorama » The REAL Secret Behind Crop Circles

Saudi OKs Killing "Immoral" TV Execs, Decree Says Permissible To Kill Satellite TV Network Owners Over Immoral Content - CBS News

Bad Science » Matthias Rath drops his million pound legal case against me and the Guardian.
...and the Guardian itself:
Matthias Rath: Fall of the doctor who said his vitamins would cure Aids | World news | The Guardian

Creationism and the advance of counterknowledge :: Damian Thompson

Have we ever faced an enemy more stupid than Muslim terrorists? | The Spectator

DC’s Improbable Science: The gripes of Rath