Monday 22 September 2008

The Atheist Blogroll

Back in 2005 when I came across the Skepticality podcast, I was delighted to find people who were actually talking about stuff that had been bothering me for some time (I said so on my own podcast The Rev Up Review, and Derek and Swoopy were kind enough to include a clip of it on a later show). It was a revelation to me that there were lots of like-minded individuals out there in the world, and that my doubts about religion and the paranormal were not just stubborn refusal to take things on trust.

Fast forward over three years and I have my own sceptical blog (you're reading it), and I'm far from alone. Notes from an Evil Burnee has been added to The Atheist Blogroll, which comprises hundreds of blogs. Look to the right of this page, scroll down and you'll find links to some of the recently updated ones there. The Atheist Blogroll is a community-building service provided free of charge to atheist bloggers from around the world. If you'd like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

UPDATE: Ever since I posted this entry it has bugged me that I couldn't find the edition of Skepticality in which Derek & Swoopy played my clip. Extensive (!) research has revealed the reason. They didn't. It's funny how memory can play tricks, especially when tacitly reinforced by the very person who, I thought, played the clip (see Derek's comment to this post).

What actually happened is they posted a downloadable clip on the front page of the Skepticality website. Of course, it's no longer there, but through the wonders of the Wayback Machine you can still see the page, if not actually download the clip.


  1. Hey! Well, we had to play your segment on our show, it was a very nice review of our show! :)

    You should make it a point to come to Dragon*Con next year and hang with all of us cool skeptics, AND be surrounded by the largest sci-fi/culture convention in the world! :)

  2. Hi Derek,

    I didn't make D*Con this year, though I was pleased to meet you both at D*Con 2007, which was my first visit to a science fiction convention of any kind.

    Incidentally, I discovered why I couldn't find in which edition of Skepticality you played my clip. I've updated the blog-post accordingly.

  3. Oh!

    You would have LOVED it this year, we had a full track for Skeptic content, even had James Randi, Lori Lipman Brown, Michael Shermer, and many others! :)

    Once I can find the time to encode and edit down the HOURS of footage I have taped, I'll have some of it on YouTube and eventually a DVD set for people to pick up. :)

    Hope to see you there next year!