Monday 3 September 2012

Burnee links for Monday

Why is a secular magazine interested in what believers think? - New Humanist Blog (Rationalist Association)
Why indeed. Caspar Melville explains, and introduces the latest issue of New Humanist magazine.

Marcus Borg: A Chronological New Testament
Inerrancy or chronology — canonical order as well as canonical content?

Giles Fraser, circumcision, liberalism and identity « Choice in Dying
Eric MacDonald on Giles Fraser's confusion.
"...Fraser’s argument plays fast and loose with how we are to understand membership in a faith community. He argues, as many others do, that faith has nothing essentially to do with belief."
RDF: Romney: Grounded in the Galaxy?
Lawrence Krauss extracts the Michael from Mitt.

Bucking skepticism, well drillers offer water witching during drought - The Washington Post
Let's hear it for ideomotor and anecdote!