Friday 7 September 2012

Burnee links for Friday

Jeremy Hunt, new health secretary, called for the NHS to be dismantled and supports homeopathy - bengoldacre - secondary blog
How did Cameron make his choices? By deciding who would be best suited for a particular post or by some other method (such as returning favours)?

Christian Discrimination: Former Archbishop Lord Carey Accuses Government And Courts Of 'Double Standards'
Carey's Christians want freedom to discriminate against certain sections of the public. Andrea Minichiello Williams is quoted thus:
The Prime Minister has been asked, repeatedly, to intervene in these cases and back the four Christians who have served the public through their varied professions.
Two of those Christians refused to serve a section of "the public".

Stephen Law: HEALING POWERS OF THE MIND? event 20th October
Looks interesting. The previous CFI events organised by Stephen Law have been excellent, so this is one for the diary.

Wonders — Unreasonable Faith
Rampant Copernicanism rules (and rightly so).

H.P. Lovecraft: If Religion Were True… — Unreasonable Faith
The teller of tall tales ("tall" as in horror fantasy of a particularly period kind) was one of us. I didn't know that.