Sunday 3 July 2011

Burnee links for Sunday

Metamagician and the Hellfire Club: Manlier?
Manlier. Oops. (Lewis was British — though Irish-born, according to Wikipedia — from a traditional background and upbringing. The "manlier" thing could have been no more than a thoughtless throwaway line.)

Newsletter : July 2011 : Issue 14
AtheismUK's useful report from the recent Dublin convention.

Myths about Assisted Dying « Choice in Dying
Eric MacDonald is so, so right.

America, Land of the Health Hucksters - David Colquhoun, Ph.D., FRS - Life - The Atlantic
"I write from the perspective of someone who lives in a country that achieves health care for all its citizens at half the cost of the U.S. system, and gets better outcomes in life expectancy and infant mortality. The view from outside is that U.S. medicine rather resembles U.S. religion. It has been taken over by fundamentalists who are becoming very rich by persuading a gullible public to believe things that aren't true."
The improbable scientist doesn't mince words.

"A ruling class that is "religiously illiterate" cannot lead in the 21st century" - Vatican Insider
Wishy-washy Blair-bleurgh.... Tony plugs his new religion.

Prince Charles congratulates homeopaths who try to treat AIDS with homeopathy « gimpy’s blog
The Prince of Woo is at it again.

Bad News: Clarkson’s Cock Rides Again! « The Merseyside Skeptics Society
Quick (five-minute) live video on how PR nonsense get into the papers. (Marsh also has a report about this on the latest Pod Delusion.)