Thursday 21 April 2011

Burnee links for Thursday

British Centre for Science Education: Creationism in the Deep South (of England)
Don't say it couldn't possibly happen in the UK, because it patently is happening, as this report testifies.

Philosophers and the tone argument : Pharyngula
For Heaven's sake, we mustn't risk offending the creationists....

Adventures in nonsense: FishBarrel: The easy way to report misleading health claims online.
Chromium plated complaints in seconds.

The Human Genome Project was just the starting point | Adam Rutherford | Comment is free |
Adam Rutherford on part 2 of his current TV series.

C of E opens school gates to non-believers - News - TES Connect
Odd. Church pushing faith schools towards secularisation?

Bishop admits that church schools succeed because of selection | National Secular Society
The NSS respond to the TES article (see above) about increasing non-faith admissions in faith schools.

Is AV better than FPTP? « Gowers's Weblog
Clearest, most comprehensive explanation I've seen so far.

Did aliens establish a primitive postcode system in ancient Britain? | Matt Parker | Science |
Some woo just won't lie down.