Thursday 14 April 2011

Burnee links for Thursday

Sam Harris vs. William Lane Craig debate review (part 1)
Luke Muehlhauser's review.

The Sam Harris-William Lane Craig debate: a review | The Uncredible Hallq
Chris Hallquist's review.

American Atheists | Interview: Douglas Adams
An interview about atheism.
(Via The Atheist Experience.) / Books / Non-Fiction - The Ego Trick
A. C. Grayling reviews Julian Baggini's new book.

Giles Fraser on "The Moral Landscape" - steve's posterous
Steve Zara reviews the review.

The mythical Sam Harris | Andrew Brown | Comment is free |
Andrew Brown was apparently at the Harris/Fraser event, but I wonder if he's read The Moral Landscape? If he has, maybe he didn't get it.

Harris v Craig : Pharyngula
Looks like P. Z. Myers has undergone a conversion. Of sorts.

Shades of gray : Pharyngula
A bit of catching up and I came across this. Hey PZ, when's your book due out?!