Monday 25 August 2008

Muriel Gray on Graphic Novels (repost from other blog)

In my previous post I casually mentioned my lack of knowledge of graphic novels. Serendipitously BBC Radio 4's Open Book, temporarily hosted by Muriel Gray, featured on Sunday a short discussion on that very subject. The programme will be repeated on Thursday at 4:00 pm, but you can stream the audio for seven days from the 'listen again' service* here:

From the Open Book website:
Graphic Novels

Do you know the fastest growing sector in publishing? Perhaps surprisingly, it is the sector of graphic novels. Danny Fingeroth, author of The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels, and Naomi Alderman, author and graphic novel fan, talk about their favourites.
Details of The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels here.

*If the listen again service gives problems, an mp3 of the relevant excerpt can be downloaded from RapidShare: