Friday 27 February 2015

Burnee Fridayee linkee

Dino poop and the age of the Earth | Eat Your Brains Out; Exploring Science, Exposing Creationism
Creationism in America, ha ha ha! Wouldn't happen in this country, would it?

Ethics in Podcasting?
Listening to The Audacity to Podcast special on the ethics of podcasting. Fascinating stuff (and especially relevant to Skepticule as the host quotes Bible verses but is nevertheless pursuing a consequentialist ethic).

Ian McEwan on free speech and religion | Free Speech Debate
"In the cities of the West, richly layered in race and religion, the only guarantor of freedom of religious worship and tolerance for all is the secular state. It respects all religions within the rule of law, and believes all – or none. The difference is negligible, since not all religions can be true. The principle of free speech is crucial. The cost is occasional offence. The lawful demand is that offence must not lead to violence or threats of violence. The reward is freedom for all to go about their business in lawful pursuit of their beliefs."

God is on the ropes: The brilliant new science that has creationists and the Christian right terrified -
The inevitability of life

Christian Parent Is Sick Of Dinosaurs Being Forced On Kids - Dinosaur Hoax: Fossils
I don't get this. Does she think that fossils are completely broken up when they are excavated? Hasn't she ever watched an archaeology documentary on TV?

Astrology could solve crisis in the NHS, says Tory MP - Telegraph
The Member for Holland & Barrett apparently said this: "Astrology may not be capable of passing double-blind tests but it is based on thousands of years of observation." Or in other words, it may be utter woo but we've been looking at it a long time. People have indeed been reading newspaper astrology columns, as well as tea-leaves, palms, irises and feet, for a good number of years. But a long-service medal is no guarantee of efficacy. In this case it just means you've been doing it wrong for a very long time.

But wait, there's more...

Astrology should never have any role to play in healthcare | Pete Etchells | Science | The Guardian
Why is an article like this even necessary? Tredinnick should be drummed out of the Brownies forthwith (or at least off any parliamentary committee dealing with healthcare). His ignorant promotion of woo is clear evidence that he's not fit to be making decisions that have anything to do with science.

We Are Spock
James Croft​ tells us why we can be so affected by the real loss of a fictional character.