Tuesday 13 January 2015

Burnee links for your thinks

Say What? Nicholas Wade and the Worst Idea Ever | NCSE
Creationism remains a problem in America. (Not so much in the UK, but given the current battle in Scotland that might change.)

The Demonic Humanists and the Insecure Christians | Hayley M. Stevens
Hayley was very quick off the mark with this blogpost about the first Big Questions (BBC1) of 2015. I'll be watching this in due course, but her report indicates I won't enjoy it.

Pastor Punches Kid in the Chest - YouTube

This man has confessed to child assault. He should be in jail.

Author Interview: Lance Dodes, Author Of 'The Sober Truth' : NPR
Jon Stewart talked about AA at last week's Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub. This article/audio is from March last year.

What’s the point of lampooning religion? To upset the religious? | Center for Inquiry
Stephen Law asks why Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of a beloved religious figure.