Wednesday 31 December 2014

The Human Heart proves evolution wrong!

Er ... no ... actually it doesn't. In fact this article from Yec Headquarters 6 Day Creation is so much non-science I have a hard time believing it isn't a poe. Here's an extract:
Recent medical findings have found that the human heart plays several roles with how we actually feel and think. In fact, the human heart is the only organ that can communicate with the brain in 4 different ways:
1) Neurological communication (nervous system)
2) Biophysical communication (pulse wave)
3) Biochemical communication (hormones)
4) Energetic communication (electromagnetic fields)
This would explain why our heart hurts when we lose some one near and dear to us. And it is now believed that one of the functions of the heart deals with our emotions and attitude. But because heart transplants have become more of the norm for a failing heart. Another unexpected side effect has come up. The people who received the donor heart can often experience:
1) The other person’s memories.
2) The other person’s food cravings.
3) Some of the other person’s attitudes.
4) And some of the fears, hates, and loves of different things.
Recent medical findings? No citations are provided, but they're hardly needed — just a cursory scanning of this utter BS is enough to falsify it. Need I bother? And check this out:
This would explain why Christ resides in a person’s heart when they are saved. It also explains why God said that He hardened Pharaoh’s heart towards Moses instead of changing his mind. God knew, even before medical science, that emotion of love and hate reside in the heart and not in our minds.
This is too ridiculous — one might be forgiven for thinking this was a tongue-in-cheek April Fool joke. Let me check the date of the article...