Tuesday 20 August 2013

Another theist asks why atheists don't just kill themselves

From a link shared on Facebook, a theist claims — with what appears to be token bemusement — that atheists don't act out the consequences of their atheism:

Atheists Refusing to Act Like Atheists | Hard-Core Christianity

Wrong on so many levels. Here's what I posted in the thread:
The blogpost linked in the OP is yet another example of a theist telling atheists what they believe.

Be that as it may, it is true that life has no ultimate meaning. But life has meaning _now_, because we are here living it. Theists seem to be obsessed with the idea of absolutes and ultimates, as if without these things one might as well just give up, because, you know, there's no ultimate point to anything.

Some people collect stamps — why do they do that? It's unlikely they do it because each stamp is worth a brownie point in heaven. More likely they do it because it's interesting, or it enables them to cultivate relationships with other stamp collectors, or maybe a good collection built up over years is worth money, or any number of perfectly valid other reasons, singly or in combination. They don't do it because some scripture says "Thou shalt collect adhesive postage tokens."

There's no ultimate meaning to life, the universe and everything — the purpose of life is life itself.
It's ongoing, so check out the thread itself for more.