Saturday 1 June 2013

The doom of rational interchange between believers and non-believers

This short thread illustrates why the Unbelievably Distilled Facebook group as a forum for rational discussion between believers and unbelievers is, in my opinion, pretty much doomed:

From another thread: "I'd be pissed about all of the unnecessary suffering he watched happen and did nothing..." My personal take on the problem of evil as an imaginative exercise. God's answer: "Did nothing? I endowed the entirety of Western Civilization with advanced medical technology, incredible excess wealth, leisure time in abundance and logistical ability to deliver any and all aid - food, shelter, clothing and medical to all parts of the world within 24 hours and the free will of everyone of my creations to choose to relentlessly and sacrificially do good as a lifestyle choice. What do you mean I did nothing? By the way, that hungry homeless guy with Hep C you ignored yesterday and the 'junk mail' you shredded asking for donations to build a well in an African village was my way of asking YOU what your answer was to the same question you asked me. Motes and beams, my son, motes and beams."
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