Sunday 3 March 2013

Burnee links for Sunday

I get email: explosive beginnings » Pharyngula
A great response to a recurring smug question.

I can defend both Lawrence Krauss and philosophy! » Pharyngula
I think philosophy is important and worthwhile, except when it crosses the line into theology (when it becomes unimportant and worthless). But that's just my opinion.

Please don’t use this argument » Pharyngula
Think before you post (or speak, or...).

Intelligent Design Gets Peer-Review… Sort Of | Smilodon's Retreat
Intelligent Design isn't science.

Humanism's faith in reason represents our best hope | AC Grayling | Comment is free | The Observer
Succinct outline of humanistic principles; the comments are interesting too. (Not sure about the "faith" in the title, but that could be the sub-editors....)

Stephen Law: Tricks of the Mind event CFI, March 30th.
This looks good. And Martin S. Taylor was excellent at Winchester Skeptics last Thursday.