Saturday 2 February 2013

Burnee links for Saturday

Busy, busy, busy. So here are some links to be going on with.

In a Crisis, Humanists Seem Absent -
A thoughtful article, pinpointing some of the issues relating to the establishment of distinct humanist groups within society.
(Via James Croft on Facebook)

Daft complaint to the BBC by anti-vax activists
Illustrating the skewed world inhabited by anti-vaxxers.
(Via Crispian Jago on Facebook.) 

The Skeptical Probe: Dr Hugh Ross - Lying for God
Assert something sufficiently often and with enough confidence and it simply becomes true, doesn't it? I was surprised and alarmed that Premier Radio associated itself with Reasons to Believe — to the extent of using that organisation's name as the subtitle of last year's Unbelievable?: The Conference. (See also the Facebook discussion.)

Sunday’s Caller and Public Response: Confirmation is not a Rebuttal » The Atheist Experience
The incomparable Tracie Harris offers some clarification of sin.

Cruella-blog: Mehdi Hasan makes me really angry.
Kate Smurthwaite gets cross. Again.

The Royal Institution: Can we just give it to the National Trust? Or the Science Museum Group? « The Thought Stash
Kash Farooq on a lamentable failure of communication.