Thursday 19 July 2012

Burnee links for Thursday

To Paula | The Heresy Club
I tend to agree. It saddens me that such a letter needs to be written.

Your freedom to impose your religion ends where your child begins | coelsblog
Circumscribing the circumcision debate.

History, My Bum Knee, and Some People I Want to Thank | Greta Christina's Blog
Western society makes progress.

Temple of the Future — We Have Failed Leah Libresco
James Croft says humanists must be able to explain their morality.

Tessera: The Emotional Eating Kit
Sounds like good stuff. Not actually harmful, anyway. Not anything, to tell the truth, but don't let that stop you throwing your money away if it makes you feel better (if not in actual fact better).

Voice of Reason: Lawrence Krauss - Reality is liberating - YouTube
"The great thing about science is not knowing."

Higgs Boson announcement from CERN: why the god particle is so important. - Slate Magazine
More Krauss, this time on the CERN announcement and nothing interesting.