Thursday 26 April 2012

Burnee links for Thursday

Mostly Ophelia and PZ today...

Bullying is healthy | Butterflies and Wheels
What?! Bullying by definition is a bad thing. It should be stamped out at source instantly. It's unbelievable that there are people and organisations that condone bullying in any circumstances.

Who needs a $30,000 watch? | Pharyngula

Sunday Sacrilege: Bad without god | Pharyngula
PZ Myers expands on his Reason Rally peroration.

What you need to know | Butterflies and Wheels
"A reader sent me a link...." That was me.

Catholic church urges pupils to sign anti-gay marriage petition | World news | The Guardian
Disgraceful. Are there no depths to which this corrupt organisation will not sink?
A CES spokeswoman said: "We said that schools might like to consider using this [letter] in assemblies or in class teaching. We said people might want to consider asking pupils and parents if they might want to sign the petition. It's really important that no school discriminates against any member of the school community.

"Schools with a religious character are allowed to teach sex and relationships – and conduct assemblies – in accordance with the religious views of the school. The Catholic view of marriage is not a political view; it's a religious view."
I suggest that the "CES spokewoman" might want to go boil her head. Claiming your prejudice is your "religious view" doesn't give you any kind of exemption from the law. Do you get that? Yet?