Sunday 25 September 2011

Burnee links for Sunday

Top scientists and organisations come together to say: 'Teach evolution, not creationism!'
Depressing that this initiative is necessary, but there you go. I'm all for kids learning about creationism, but not in a science class, because creationism has no scientific content, nor any explanatory power. Creationism, like its younger sibling "intelligent design", belongs in a philosophy class, along with other speculative but unfalsifiable ideas.

Scientists demand tougher guidelines on teaching of creationism in schools | Education | The Guardian
Apparently this is necessary. Get people talking about evolution and creationism (and intelligent design), and why it matters that children aren't taught pseudoscience.

This horror cannot be unseen | Pharyngula
PZ wonders what exactly the evil atheists have been doing, that a rabbi should characterise atheism as "ugly".

Daylight Atheism > Never Quote Discworld to an Atheist
Don't treat people as things.

Why the Anti-Science Creationist Movement Is So Dangerous | Belief | AlterNet
Adam Lee explains why there is such an anti-science bias in US politics.

Psychic Sally Morgan hears voices from the other side (via a hidden earpiece) | Chris French | Science |
Chris French gives a reasoned and dispassionate assessment of the apparent facts.

Science fiction isn't just fantasy: it changes lives and can change Britain – Telegraph Blogs
Slightly provocative plea - but I'm in general agreement with this.

Coalition teacher training reforms 'too simplistic' - Telegraph
James Williams on training those at the chalkface. (James Williams was the guest on the latest Skepticule Extra podcast — to be released shortly.)