Thursday 23 June 2011

Burnee links for Thursday

Four Dollars, Almost Five: Altruistic ape
One can't help wondering what the ape is thinking. (Though one can easily imagine the duck's thoughts...)

A Wee Pee | Professor Bruce M. Hood
Maybe what they should have done is to express publicly their regret at this occurrence, and issue a reassurance that the contamination would be neutralized with a magic potion.

The God Delusion Again « Choice in Dying
More excellent analysis from Eric MacDonald, with another post focussing on a review of Dawkins' The God Delusion.

Terry Pratchett and Dying on TV « Choice in Dying
And here's Eric MacDonald again, this time eviscerating Damian Thompson.

Death should not be as easy as going to the dentist « Choice in Dying
Eric MacDonald rightly castigates Allison Pearson for trivializing what for some people is the most important decision they will ever make.

Dear Emma B : Pharyngula
P. Z. Myers writes a letter to a young, young earth creationist (but doesn't send it).