Thursday 3 February 2011

Burnee links for Thursday

Alister McGrath loves him some Deep Rifts : Pharyngula
Doesn't McGrath have a new book out? Get ready for some circumlocutory proliferation.

Pod Delusion Live in Southampton on 26th February » The Pod Delusion - A Podcast about Interesting Things
I might go to this, seeing as it's local, and as I missed the Winchester one ... and as I'm not sure if I'll see the QEDcon one (depends what's on at the same time).

Four Dollars, Almost Five: The cosmological argument refuted in a nutshell
This is almost exactly the same as the very first argument in that book I decided to review.
Message from the stars: astrology is “rubbish” and “nonsense” | HumanistLife
Prime time TV pronouncements on the reality of astrology are welcome. Stargazing LIVE was an excellent series, and I particularly appreciated the expressed sentiment that it's all very well looking at pictures on a screen (from, say, Hubble), but there's no substitute for letting the actual photons from celestial objects enter your own eyes.

Tim Minchin on a roll | The Australian
A revealing and comprehensive piece on the current king of subversive musical humour.