Thursday 18 November 2010

Burnee links for Thursday

BMJ Group blogs: Journal of Medical Ethics blog » Blog Archive » Odone and the CPS: Scaremongering about Euthanasia
Cristina Odone's report eviscerated.

Jim Mulligan - Faith in schools? | New Humanist
There's hope yet, it seems. One thing we must discourage, however, is any increase in exclusively Muslim schools.

The Atheist Experience™: Another year, another Hell House
Maybe Russell Glasser is a glutton for punishment, but he has some clear-sighted observations in this piece.

British Centre for Science Education: How not to attack Intelligent Design Creationism
Some more for the armoury against ID.

Sex before marriage is a path to misery, teenagers are told - Home News, UK - The Independent
Sex before marriage is evil.

Dolphinarium: Tribune Vardy statement in open court
Did Sir Peter Vardy pay for the teaching of creationism in British schools' science lessons? For some background, see this 2004 article:
Revealed: Blair's link to schools that take the Creation literally - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

I said I wouldn’t blog but...
Increase your bust size (with added "libel-chill").

Modern Technology is Making You Stupid. Sorry What? |
Professor Susan "Unsubstantiated Assertions" Greenfield is, regrettably, still at it.

Why Libel Laws Must Change | The Quackometer
Andy Lewis gives his personal account of "libel chill" — and why it's got to stop.

Baskers - honestlyreal
An account of thoughtless victimization.

Christopher Hitchens: 'You have to choose your future regrets' | interview | Books | The Observer
A useful interview of the Hitch, who's still going strong despite his gloomy prognosis.

Charlie Brooker | The words you read next will be your last ... | Comment is free | The Guardian
Irony overload: Charlie Brooker gives his unique take on the #TwitterJokeTrial.

The Associated Press: Palestinian held for Facebook criticism of Islam
Where atheism is a criminal offence.

The Free Speech Blog: Official blog of Index on Censorship » Palestine’s ‘Atheist blogger’ behind bars
Arrested for atheism.

The Shadow Scholar - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Disturbing revelations — on so many levels. (Via Pharyngula.)

See Yourself Reflected | Science |
Stephen Curry uses some modern public sculpture as inspiration for a piece on Carl Sagan and Jacob Bronowski (but mostly Carl Sagan).

The accidental exclusion of non-white atheists | Alom Shaha | Comment is free |
Do we need positive discrimination? See also...

Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: Middle Class, Middle Aged, Rationally Minded, Educated, White Gentlemen in the Pub (MCMARMEWGitP)
Do we need positive discrimination? Crispian Jago seems to be suggesting that we do, or at least he's pointing out that minorities are not equal, by virtue of being minorities, and perhaps we should make allowances for that.