Monday 25 October 2010

Burnee links for Monday

Would you Adam and Eve it? Top scientists tell Scottish pupils: the Bible is true - Herald Scotland | News | Education
More on the Centre for Intelligent Design — includes this quote from Alastair Noble:
“The problem is not, as Darwin saw it, the survival of the fittest; the problem is the arrival of the fittest.”
Nice sound-bite, but it doesn't make sense. He's talking about origins and implying that Darwinian evolution maintains that organisms start off being fit for their environment. It doesn't. Saying "the problem is the arrival of the fittest" is actually describing what ID (or at least creationism) maintains — that organisms are created perfect. There is indeed a problem with this; it's incorrect.

Fighting talk in church | Sue Blackmore | Comment is free |
"Aggressive atheists" are atheists who say shrill, strident or militant things such as "I don't believe in God."

The Metropolis » Review: The Amaz!ng Meeting - what happens when Cory Doctorow, Stephen Fry, Alan Moore, and the Amazing Randi play host to 1000 of their closest friends | Snipe
A local review of TAM London 2010.

The 21st Floor » Blog Archive » FakeID Campaign
Intelligent Design is not science. If you're resident north of the border, write and tell your MSP.

New Statesman - Who are these Skeptics? And do they matter?
David Allen Green (aka Jack of Kent) reviews the skeptic "movement" in the light of TAM London 2010 (at which he was a participating panellist).