Monday 2 August 2010

Burnee links for Monday

The Atheist Experience: Atheism and Skepticism
Matt Dillahunty on the "Skeptics' Schism"

Sunday Sacrilege: Metaphorical Acid : Pharyngula
"Interpreting the Bible through metaphor is a kind of blasphemy: it's like spraying it with acid. Most of it burns away, and all that's left is a story about people trying to explain the universe as best they can, with no gods, no magic, no angels, no devils."
The Godless Delusion - by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hennsley - Surprised by Truth -
A Catholic response to atheistic naturalism, purporting to be a rational discourse (which is belied by the emotive, unbalanced language that can be sampled at

The Blue Brain Blues - Materialist ethics and simulated minds - Steve Zara - -
Should we consider the rights of artificial life?

God and evidence - a strident proposal - steve's posterous
Steve Zara argues that evidence for the existence God — of the kind that would be acceptable to atheists — is not logically possible.

British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws | Society | The Observer
It's hard to believe this is happening anywhere in the modern world, but apparently it's going on here in the UK, despite being illegal, and no-one has been prosecuted. (Be warned, the accompanying video contains some disturbing images.)

Encounter - 18 July 2010 - The Loss of Civic Virtue?
Comprehensive discussion of public morality, featuring Richard Harries, Andrew Copson and Simon Blackburn. Based on a lecture Harries delivered at Westminster Hall, the programme was produced by ABC radio (mp3 download and streaming audio, plus transcript).

'Choice' fetish spawns mind-meltingly stupid homeopathy policy | Martin Robbins | Science |
It. Beggars. Belief.

Secret Email Reveals more Homeopathic Killing in Kenya | The Quackometer
Scary stuff, by people who seem oblivious to the harm they are likely to engender.

The Atheist Experience™: The moral compass
Matt Dillahunty exposes the insane logic (or inane illogic) of Catholic dogma.
We may be able to discuss and debate the moral impact of masturbation (I'd say there's no moral assessment to be made), but if you believe that masturbation is worse than rape, you're no longer eligible to participate in the discussion. You've sacrificed your humanity on the altar of laziness and blind servility and you won't be allowed to rejoin the discussion until you correct that.
If Britain decides to ban the burqa I might just start wearing one | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer
There's a difference between disrespect and criticism.